Things to do in Colonia del Sacramento

Colonia del Sacramento - One day trip
Colonia del Sacramento - One day trip

Colonia del Sacramento offers one of the best preserved colonial historical quarters in South America. It´s a city you have to see when visiting in Uruguay for its architecture and charming atmosphere. If you're spending a few days in Buenos Aires, you can't miss a day trip to this beautiful town in neighbouring Uruguay! The old town of Colonia is a UNESCO World Heritage site, which was founded by the Portuguese at the end of the 17th century. The historical town is small, but it has a very delightful ambience with its cobble stone roads, lovely colonial buildings and old-school automobiles parked on the streets. In Colonia del Sacramento the sunsets are really special, when the color of the Río de la Plata river becomes intense red and orange, while you can see the skyscrapers of Buenos Aires far in the background. At night the illumination of the buildings gives an even more romantic feeling to the town.

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